Brian Flieck

Creative Production Management

My Name is Brian Flieck, and I am a commercial studio professional living in the Philadelphia area. I work for Ebay Enterprise Studio's. I have been working in this studio since early 2001. I've helped built our studio from a 5 person operation in King of Prussia to a 50+  person studio with offices in King of Prussia, Louisville KY, New York, and Canada.

In my 15 years of working for an eCommerce studio, I've been asked the big question many times, which is the best way to display images for apparel? Well, let me think, there's On figure, invisible person look, video, hanging apparel. As I look over the eCommerce landscape I've noticed that everyone must have that same question and the answer is... no one knows. That is because each has its ups and downs.

  • On-figure is great as it really can drive home a brand and an expression and how the product forms on a real body, but comes with the cost of shooting on model, needing space, catering, hair and make up.
  • Hollow-man look is nice as it really make the customer only look at the product and removes any distractions, plus is cheaper to produce since there's no model or extra crew involved, but is retouching intensive and sometimes can display in a way that the product was overly Photoshop'd.
  • Video is a great way to display product. It shows the movement of the product on person and give you a full 360 spin of the product, but is harder to produce as you need different equipment, plus your model has to fit the clothes perfect as you can't pin the back for fit. Plus you still need still images no matter what, and that means you'll need to still do photography as the same time as your video. Don't get me started on that topic...


My personal advice is its fine to show the product in any way you want, as long as your doing it correctly. By correctly I mean you're not producing multiple variations of a product on figure, with video and with hollow-man and its in 3 different colors, density's or lighting. With multiple mediums and displays you must try to get them all to match, other wise your just asking the customer to figure out which is the correct one and that will certainly deter sales.

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