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Creative Production Management

My Name is Brian Flieck, and I am a commercial studio professional living in the Philadelphia area. I work for Ebay Enterprise Studio's. I have been working in this studio since early 2001. I've helped built our studio from a 5 person operation in King of Prussia to a 50+  person studio with offices in King of Prussia, Louisville KY, New York, and Canada.

A lazy afternoon shoot

its a Saturday afternoon and in the midst of cleaning I decided to stop and take some pictures of the puppies while they we're playing around my feet. does a lovely afternoon Sun coming through the window.

guiseppi looking very cute
guiseppi looking very cute
look at the tounge
look at the tounge

A spot worth returning to

After work i felt the urge to seek some creative location to take some shots. The temperature on my dashboard read 101, and felt like an oven outside, so any place i found to take pictures was going to be from inside my truck. 

Out of the corner of my eye I spot a few old dump trucks and trailers covered with brush.  

brush covered bus

brush covered bus

This bus looked like fun to get up close and get some cool pictures, but this was all the closer I could get from my truck.  

trailers left to rust

trailers left to rust

I'm going to keep this place in mind for when it cools off and i feel like taking a walk through some shrubs. to be continued. 

Warm Summers Evening

Today was a very warm day. One of those days that the news puts out heat advisory's and tells everyone to stay indoors. The only thing you can do is relax the mind so the body my follow.


To hot for the dogs

As you can see its even to warm for the pups. Even though Giuseppi spent the day in the air conditioning he still tired from the heat outside. I can see it in his eyes, he can't wait for the cooler for weather to be here. I can't blame him.


Vanshing point

During a very cold February evening, i was driving past my dentist's office and something caught my to the side of the building. I've been in this office complex before but never realized that the train ran right behind the back of the building. So of course i had to pull over and check it out. It took me a few moments to decide to actually walk down the small slope in the snow to the train tracks, but once I did, i was pleasantly surprised.

There actually was a train stopped directly behind me, but far less visually interesting then this stretch of track with the sunset in the background.


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