Brian Flieck

Creative Production Management

My Name is Brian Flieck, and I am a commercial studio professional living in the Philadelphia area. I work for Ebay Enterprise Studio's. I have been working in this studio since early 2001. I've helped built our studio from a 5 person operation in King of Prussia to a 50+  person studio with offices in King of Prussia, Louisville KY, New York, and Canada.

The newest trend in eCommerce photography is video.  Everyone wants to see their product move, and I can't blame them, we live in a world where everyone has a video camera in their pocket and people want more from their shopping experience then dull pictures. It does however pose an interesting new problem for us in the world of eCommerce photography. How do you capture video and still images without needing two sets? who has the space for 2 sets any way? how to get the color to be close to the same for both still images and video? Well we think we found the way. light the set for the video, and then shoot your stills using the video HMI lights. sounds crazy right? its not. The video needs alot of light any way, so use that light to your advantage, and simply change the ISO on the camera from 100 to maybe 1600 or 1800, and slow down your shutters speed to something like 1/100 so you can still freeze the moment, and you get some pretty good results. don't get me wrong, its by no means perfect but you are talking about two completely separate mediums. These images were from our first ever test where we used both a Nikon and Canon to see which was better. we ended up liking the quality of the canon.

shot with Joker HMI lights 1600 ISO, 1/100 shutter speed sRGB

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