Brian Flieck

Creative Production Management

My Name is Brian Flieck, and I am a commercial studio professional living in the Philadelphia area. I work for Ebay Enterprise Studio's. I have been working in this studio since early 2001. I've helped built our studio from a 5 person operation in King of Prussia to a 50+  person studio with offices in King of Prussia, Louisville KY, New York, and Canada.

Every once in a while you come across a client that wants you to preform a Photoshop miracle. Typically this is because they can't shoot something  due to availability, or cost, or even time restraints.  They are forced to turn to the last resort which is to perform digital miracles. when ever a client asks me "is that possible" the answer is yes, but depends on time, budget, quality. No one can have all three, its the old say, "pick 2".

This client asked me to make a polka dot swimsuit look like a leopard print. They had the print ready for me, i just had to combine the print with the suit.

step one, remove polka dots. i wanted to overlay the leopard print so the details of the suit could show thru, and they only way to do that was to remove the dots from the suit so i was starting with a blank canvas.

step two, adjust the suit to something darker and start to add some color to match the leopard tone.

step three: overlay the pattern and adjust, over and over till perfect, or as close as possible.

Removing polka dots in Photoshop from a women's swim suit.

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