Brian Flieck

Creative Production Management

My Name is Brian Flieck, and I am a commercial studio professional living in the Philadelphia area. I work for Ebay Enterprise Studio's. I have been working in this studio since early 2001. I've helped built our studio from a 5 person operation in King of Prussia to a 50+  person studio with offices in King of Prussia, Louisville KY, New York, and Canada.

last month, we were tasked to shoot for a fictional brand called 'Luma'. They wanted to show off the new eCommerce magneto platform, and the best way to do that is with content! Our team here shot on figure for 2 weeks capturing both photos and videos, but that wasn't going to be enough content to show off one of the key features of Magneto's search features, which includes searching by color. well after 2 weeks we had a few hundred images, but nearly enough to populate a whole site. I was tasked to come up with several hundred color changes from the original files to populate the site in just under two weeks, and this was the outcome.


if you'd like to download a PDF of all the color changes, click below **warning, its 50 megabytes**

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